Big Cat Charity Ride – 2 October 2016

Sunday 2 October 2016. Starting from the Band Room, Village Way, Cranleigh GU6 8AF from 9:00am with refreshments available until 2:00pm.

Children ride free if part of a family group.

To download GPX or TCX files of the routes please click the link. If you have a Garmin put the file(s) into the ‘Newfiles’ folder on the Garmin:

Lion’s Roar and Lion’s Mane rides (Shoreham and Seale), 3100 ft and 2500 feet of climbing respectively:

Lion’s Roar and Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Paw and Lion’s Cub rides (Stan’s Bike Shack and Shamley Green), 1300 feet and 240 feet of climbing respectively :

Lion’s Paw and Lion’s Cub

To enter the ride please click on the Pay Now button below  and bring a copy of the receipt to the start of the ride.

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Big Cat

  1. Hello

    I would like to sign up in advance for the Big Cat Charity Ride 2016, but I cannot locate any place on your website to do so. The information on your flyer only gives the website address so I assume the link must be on the website somewhere.
    Please can you point me to the correct web page to register.

    Many thanks


    • Colin,

      The website has been updated with a PayPal link so please try again

  2. I’m tempted to try this. How hilly is it?

    • Hi Yasmin, depends which route you’re interested in!
      Neither of the 2 road routes are particularly hilly (i.e. there aren’t any significant hills) but they are typical ‘rolling’ Surrey/Sussex roads.
      The 2 off-road routes (Lion’s Paw & Lion’s Cub) go along the Downs Link and are therefore pretty much completely flat 🙂

      Lion’s Roar (road, 107km/830m) –
      Lion’s Mane (road, 67km/650m) –
      Lion’s Paw (off-road, 55km/400m) –
      Lion’s Cub (off-road) – Shamley Green and back from Cranleigh along the Downs Link

    • The rides are rolling rather than flat but not truly hilly!

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