Road Rides

ride 1Riding bikes is what the club is all about.  We love that many of our members have started riding bikes from scratch or after a long period away, and have become inspired to be the regular core of the rides on a Sunday morning.  It goes to show what a lot of motivation it can provide to have a constant source of mates to ride with, almost no matter what the weather.  Riding with a group is fun!

We always wanted the emphasis of our club rides to be on the social element.  Nobody is perfect, but a club ride is meant to be just that – a social experience where the group rides together at a suitable pace for all, with a stop for coffee and chat either part way through, at the end, or both!  There are several groups for that reason, and we work very hard to encourage people to ride with the appropriately paced group.  Newcomers are encouraged to start with one of the slower paced groups so that they can get a feel for club riding.  We would positively hate to lose someone on a first ride out, so we would prefer it if they were the ones who needed to move into a faster group next time rather than constantly worrying that they can’t keep up on their first ride.

A weekly newsletter is sent out to the club members on a Friday containing details of where the rides will take them on Sunday.  This comes in the format of a link to the ride on, a website you can register free of charge and see the map with the route marked on it.  If you don’t have a GPS you are advised to either print the map or write yourself some directions, as we do expect everyone to know where they are going and be able to get themselves and their group back if necessary.  The GPX file for each route will also be attached to the email for direct download to your GPS, along with the Club Safety Guidelines and Group Riding Responsibilities documents, with which all riders should be familiar. The Sunday rides always start in the Cranleigh Leisure Centre carpark.  Meet up times are 8.15am for an 8.30 start in the summer months, and 8.45 for a 9am start during daylight saving hours.  This applies unless there is an event planned, details of which would be given in the newsletter.

Further rides take place on a Wednesday morning at 9.30am starting at Beyond Mountain Bikes in Smithbrook Kilns, and on a Saturday morning at 8am, again from Beyond.  The Wednesday ride will be at a social pace.  The Saturday ride is under development.  A fairly briskly paced ride currently takes place every Saturday followed by cake and coffee courtesy of Beyond.  We would like to see a more socially paced ride gather momentum to increase the offering for club members who can’t ride on a Sunday.  For the time being, details of the routes on offer for Saturday will be included in the weekly newsletter, but if you want to ensure you have someone to ride with, we suggest you post up on the Facebook Cranleigh Cycling Club Members group.  You will need to be a member to get approval to join this group. Both Saturday and Wednesday rides will be around 25 to 30 miles/up to 2 hours of riding.  If the demand is there, we will put on longer rides during the summer.

Non-members are welcome to join in on all the rides for  a total of four rides.  After  this, they must join the club.  This is for insurance reasons.  Please let us know if you plan to ride but are not a member.  You must carry a photo ID and an emergency contact number on your person  to ride with the club, as do all club members. If you don’t have a suitable bike please contact our Rides Coordinator who may be able to arrange for a bike for you to try.

It is strongly  recommended that all CCC members join either British Cycling or Cycling UK (formally CTC) which will give them insurance cover as well as many other discounts and benefits.

We do not publish the average speeds of the groups as this is not practical when the routes can be so varied – i.e. hilly or flat.  Please trust us that our members know each other personally and we will be able to direct you to an appropriate group to start with!